The Cock Lunch Break

Recharge over lunch and enjoy the flavourful and fresh salad & veggie bar, with savoury, made-from-scratch soups with freshly baked bread. Menus change weekly & seasonally.

The Cock Lunch Break is on every Monday through Friday 11.00-14.30. Eat in or pack it up for the office.

You pay 13 €, we chip in organic coffee & tea.
Love your lunch break.


SOUPS 18.-22.2.:

Monday 18.2.
Chicken soup with potato & corn
Broccoli soup with rosemary & truffle

Tuesday 19.2.
Lemon and parsley cream soup with pork
Thai soup with tofu and lemongrass

Wednesday 20.2.
Salmon soup with dill and potato
Tomato soup with roasted garlic and tarragon

Thursday 21.2.
Pea soup with roasted pork belly
Leek and potato soup with sage

Friday 22.2.
Chicken broth with tomato and lemongrass
Spicy sweet potato soup with orange