The Cock Lunch Break

Recharge over lunch and enjoy the flavourful and fresh salad & veggie bar, with savoury, made-from-scratch soups and freshly baked bread. Menus change daily & seasonally.

The Cock Lunch Break is on every Monday through Friday 11.00-14.30.
Eat in or pack it up for the office.

You pay 13 €, we chip in organic coffee & tea.
Love your lunch break.


The Cock Lunch Break 19.-23.3.


Bulgur salad w/ shrimps, beetroot, cilantro and mint (L)
Country chicken salad w/ romaine, kale and pomegranate (G, L)
Panzanella w/ tomato, cucumber, toasted bread, red onion and parsley (V, G, L)
Goat cheese w/ roasted roots, balsamic and dill (G)
Roasted carrot and sunchokes w/ cardamon, tarragon and raspberry (V, G, L)
Cucumber dill yoghurt w/ dijon (G, L)
Cappelletti w/ broccoli, radicchio, lemon and sage (L)


Lemon mustard dressing (V, G, L)
Lingonberry vinaigrette (V, G, L)
Sesame, ginger and chili sauce (V, G, L)


Chickpea, tahini and spinach (V, G, L)
Yoghurt and sun-kissed tomatoes (G, L)
Edamame and peas (G, L)


Fish soup w/ coconut cream, cauliflower, chili and lime (G, L)
French onion and thyme soup (V, G, L) w/ cheddar crostini

Lentil soup w/ ginger and coriander (G, L)
Roasted tomato and basil soup (V, G, L)

Bouillabaisse w/ rouille (G, L)
Three bean chili w/ sweet potato (V, G, L)

Pea soup w/ smoked ham and marjoram (G, L)
Pea soup w/ burnt leek and marjoram (V, G, L)
& pancake w/ whipped cream and raspberry jam (L)

Arroz caldo w/ chicken, rice, ginger, garlic and lemon (G, L)
Beet and cabbage borscht (V, G, L) w/ sour cream

G = gluten free, L = lactose free, V = vegan