The Cock Lunch Break

Recharge over lunch and enjoy the flavourful and fresh salad & veggie bar, with savoury, made-from-scratch soups and stews with freshly baked bread. Menus change weekly & seasonally.

The Cock Lunch Break is on every Monday through Friday 11.00-14.30. Eat in or pack it up for the office.

You pay 13 €, we chip in organic coffee & tea.
Love your lunch break.


Soups for the week 13.-17.8.:
Beef goulash with smoked paprika L, G
Sweet pepper, tomato and basil soup V

Creamy salmon soup with summer potatoes and dill L, G
Pumpkin and coconut soup V

Chicken soup with ginger and pak choi L, G
Cauliflower truffle soup V

Pea soup with smoked ham L, G
Pea soup with burnt leek V
Pancakes, whipped cream and jam L

Smoky tortilla soup with beef L, G
Tomato and basil soup V

On the salad table you find this week for example roasted sweet potato with black beans and dill, beetroot hummus with hazelnuts and rosemary, zucchini with quinoa, leaf parsley and parmesan, pumpkin with ponzu and tofu and much, much more!