The Cock Lunch Break

Recharge over lunch and enjoy the flavourful and fresh salad & veggie bar, with savoury, made-from-scratch soups and freshly baked bread. Menus change weekly & seasonally.

The Cock Lunch Break is on every Monday through Friday 11.00-14.30. Eat in or pack it up for the office.

You pay 13 €, we chip in organic coffee & tea.
Love your lunch break.


Soups for 9.-13.12.:

Bouillabaisse G, L
Sweet potato coconut soup V, G

Spicy chicken soup with chickpeas and tomato G, L
Creamy mushroom soup V, G

Salmon soup with dill and potatoes G, L
Celeriac soup with vanilla V, G

Pea soup with roasted pork G, L
Black salsify soup V

Tomato and lemongrass broth with chicken G, L
Miso soup with tofu V, G